Advising Documents

Major Program Checklist (2022-23 Version)
Major Program Official eCalendar entry

Honours Program Checklist (2022-2023 Version)
Honours Program Official eCalendar entry

If differences exist between the program checklist and official calendar entry (hopefully not), the calendar entry is the official document that you must follow.

First Year Registration

For help putting together a U1 course schedule, see the videos posted under Orientation Materials on the McGill Pre-Registration Orientation page.

If you're looking for advice on creating a U0 schedule in preparation for applying to the Neuroscience major, see here.

If you'd like to make an appointment meet with the Neuroscience advisor, send an email from your McGill Email Address to [at]  Please include your McGill ID and the a brief explanation of the reason for your appointment.  You will receive a link to a Bookings page.  Please note that the schedule only shows appointments four (4) days in advance in Bookings - if no appointments are available in those four days it will appear to show no appointments for the entire month, but more will become available tomorrow.

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