Students interested in studying neuroscience at the undergraduate level have the option of doing a Major, Honours or Minor Program.  The Major and Honours Programs are limited-enrollment and require an application.  Students in the B.Sc. degree are able to choose the Minor Program through Minerva.

Major in Neuroscience (65 credits)

A strong background in foundational courses make up approximately half of the credits required for the program. Students then can explore and delve deeper into their learning by choosing one of three distinct streams available in the Neuroscience Major depending on their interests and academic goals including:

  1. Stream A: Cell and Molecular
  2. Stream B: Neurophysiology/Neural Computation
  3. Stream C: Cognitive/Behavioural

The remaining complementary credits can then be tailored to the academic pursuits of the student including the opportunity to engage in labs and/or research, while also completing advanced courses in: biology, computer science, immunology, math, neuroscience, physiology, psychiatry, and psychology. Please visit the major program page for detailed information.

Honours in Neuroscience (74 credits)

The Honours program is intended for students who are interested in laboratory-based research and in acquiring a foundation in each of the 3 streams of the Neuroscience Major Program (cell and molecular; neurophysiology and computational; and cognition and behaviour). Please visit the Honours program page for detailed information.

Minor in Neuroscience (25 credits)

The Minor is composed of 25 credits, 13 credits of required courses and 12 credits of complementary courses.  This program is open only to students in the Faculty of Science.  Please visit the Minor program page for detailed information.


Contact information

For questions about undergraduate neuroscience programs, please contact:

  • Curtis Sharman
    Neuroscience Advisor
    Faculty of Science
  • Email for current students: curtis.sharman [at]
  • Email for prospective students: prospective.neuroscience [at]
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