McGill Pre-Registration Orientation

Neuroscience Information

McGill Pre-Registration Orientation begins June 2nd, starting with University 101: Course Registration sessions.

Faculty of Science sessions will be held June 11th, find the relevant information on the SOUSA website.

CEGEP U1 Orientation

Information Session

for Newly Admitted CEGEP students was on June 5 at 1:30 pm (EDT), on Zoom.
1:30 pm - Welcome to the program by Neuroscience Program Director, Monroe Cohen
1:40 pm - Q & A by Neuroscience Program Advisor, Ryan Bouma

Orientation Materials

(With video explanations from the Neuroscience Program Advisor, Ryan Bouma)

PDF icon Overview of the BSc degree

PDF icon The Neuroscience Major Program

PDF icon Stream A Cell and Molecular U1 scheduling

PDF icon Stream B Neurophysiology Neural Computational Scheduling

PDF icon Stream C Cognitive Behavioural U1 scheduling

Honours Neuroscience Application (to be completed after U1 year)

Exchange, getting into research and final notes:

Useful links:

Neuroscience calendar entry (look here for course descriptions and prerequisites)
CEGEP transfer credit table

U0 and non-CEGEP U1 Orientation

Application to the Neuroscience program (to be completed after your first year of study)

U0 registration advice for those who would like to apply to Neuroscience

Q & A Session

for Newly Admitted U0 and non-CEGEP U1 students will be June 11 at 1:30 pm (EDT), on Zoom.  (Use this link to join)

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