Students in the Neuroscience Major program are eligible not only for university-wide scholarships but also for more than forty of the awards offered by the Faculty of Science . The majority of the awards are based on academic standing and several are targeted at specific populations (according to discipline, academic year, male/female, etc.).

No applications are required (except for the specific awards listed below). A faculty-wide scholarships committee decides based on academic record and/or other relevant information.

Students interested in summer research may be eligible for the following awards (applications required):

Final-year students interested in Graduate Studies in Great Britain, Europe, or the USA may be eligible for the Moyse Travelling Scholarship (application required).

Financial assistance in the form of bursaries and loans is also available. Use the Financial Aid menu on Minerva to access the application form. Applicants must also arrange for an interview with a Student Aid counsellor. For more information on how to apply, visit the Scholarships and Student Aid website.

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