Major in Neuroscience

The Major in Neuroscience is a competitive entry program with admission limited to 50 students per year.  Students entering from Quebec CEGEPs may apply directly to the major during admission to McGill, all other students must study for one year at McGill (completing all program prerequisites, as listed in the eCalendar program entry below) before applying to enter the major.

Neuroscience is a focused program for students interested in how the nervous system functions. Research in neuroscience is highly interdisciplinary in nature, and borrows principles from a number of subjects including: biology, biochemistry, physiology, psychology, a well as mathematics, physics, immunology and computer science.

A full list of program requirements, courses and course descriptions can be found in the official eCalendar program entry:

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - Major Neuroscience (65 Credits)

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