NSCI 396 Research Project

Fill out this form to request approval of a NSCI 396 research project.  Final approval of all research projects will be given by the NSCI research project coordinator, Prof. Joe Dent.  Questions about the suitability of Neuroscience research projects should be directed to him.

General Prerequisites:

  • At least one term of undergraduate studies, a CGPA of at least 3.0, or permission of instructor to waive these requirements. Students with a CGPA below 2.7 are not permitted to take the course. 
  • Open to students in the Faculty of Science or the Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) degree.
  • A student may take more than one 396 course, but cannot be supervised by the same instructor for two 396 Science courses. Each 396 course must also be for a different project.
  • Cannot be taken under the satisfactory/unsatisfactory option.

Follow this link to access the form: https://mcgill.ca/x/JNX 

The Approval Process:

  1. Submit a webform with your project information.  For Fall research courses - the webform will open by mid-June and will close end of day on Friday, Sept 6, 2024.   
  2. Your webform submission will generate two approval requests:
    1. Your project Supervisor (will receive an approval email at the address you specify on the form)
    2. The NSCI research course Coordinator
  3. When both approvals have been given, you will receive an email notification, and your eligibility for the NSCI course will be verified.
  4. If you are eligible, registration permission will be issued and you will receive instructions to register by email.
  5. You will add the NSCI course on Minerva.

During the approval process, you can view your approval requests on the Approvals app on Teams.  The NSCI Research Project Form must be filled out by the student completing the project, and the project supervisor must be using an @mcgill.ca email address.

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