Routes of Writing

Great academic writing seems to tickle our brains without lifting a textual finger. But scholars work hard to refine their writing. Polished writing takes considerable time, measured thought, and the critiques of peers and colleagues.

The Routes of Writing project gives insight into the writing practices of McGill academics. Professors and librarians from across the disciplines offer their reflections on writing processes and critical thinking. Click on the photos to take a look at what they have to say, and check this space periodically for new additions.


Annmarie Adams

Louise Ashcroft
English - Language and Culture

Giovanna badia
Image by Photo credit: April Colosimo.
Julia FreemanJulia Freeman
Giovanna Badia
Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, 
Life Sciences, and Engineering
Image by Photo credit: April Colosimo

Darin Barney
Art History and Communication Studies

Elena Bennett
Natural Resource Sciences

Jeff Bergthorson
Mechanical Engineering

Christopher Buddle
Natural Resource Sciences

Robin Canuel
Humanities and Social Sciences Library

Mindy Carter
Integrated Studies in Education

April Colosimo
Engineering Library

Diane Dechief
McGill Writing Centre

David Greene
Humanities and Social Sciences Library

Raphaël Fischler
School of Urban Planning


Katherine Hanz
Education Library

David Harpp

Dik Harris

Terry Hébert
Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Michael Hendricks
Michael Hendricks

Miranda Hickman

Image by Lysanne Larose.

Rosalie Jukier

Robert Leckey

Jim Nicell
Civil Engineering

René Rusch
Music Theory

Susan Rvachew
School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Carolyn Samuel
Teaching and Learning Services

Alenoush Saroyan
Education and Counselling Psychology

Dirk Schlimm

Tamara Western

Jennifer Zhao
Engineering Library

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