Located in the McLennan-Redpath Library, the McGill Writing Centre (MWC) was established in 2010 as the University's central resource for written communication.
Along with an individual writing tutorial service and other non-credit activities (e.g., workshops, writing retreats, thesis writing support), we offer a slate of core credit courses on academic or scholarly writing, creative writing, digital genres, and communicating research to broad audiences. In addition, the Centre offers a number of specialized writing courses open to the public.

While we provide a small set of courses designed with the needs of second-language students in mind, the bulk of our courses welcome students whose first language is English and those of other language backgrounds.


Academic Staff

Director & Graphos Coordinator

Dr. Yvonne Hung: B.Sc. (McGill University), M.A.(City University of New York), Ph.D.(City University of New York)

Faculty Lecturers

Dr. Mehdi Babaei:  PhD in Second Language Education,  McGill University 
Dr. Kyle Kubler: PhD in Communication from the University of Washington
Ross Sundberg: B.Sc. (University of Calgary); M.A. (Concordia University); ABD (Concordia University)

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