Located in the McLennan-Redpath Library, the McGill Writing Centre (MWC) is the University's central resource for written communication. The Centre offers credit courses in academic and professional writing and a tutorial service open to all McGill students and postdocs. In addition, the Centre offers a number of specialized writing courses open to the public.


Positions Available


Academic Staff

Sue Laver; B.A.(Simon Fraser), M.A.(East Anglia), Ph.D.(McG.) - Biography

Faculty Lecturers:
Diane Dechief; B.A., (Alta.), M.A.(C'dia.), Ph.D.(Tor.)

Sarah Leu; B.A., (Bowdoin College), M.A. (St. Michael's), Ph.D.(NYU)

Graduate Program Coordinator:
Yvonne Hung; B.Sc. (McG.), M.A.(CUNY), Ph.D.(CUNY)