Course Lecturer Positions Available

The McGill Writing Centre is inviting applications for course lecturers to teach the Fall 2022 undergraduate and graduate courses that are posted during the June 1-15, 2022 period.

Applications for postings must be submitted in Workday.

Only employees who have a current active contract at McGill that extends until the time of the course offer (mid-end June, 2022) may apply as internal candidates. To do so, you must be signed into the VPN and log into Workday with your McGill credentials. From there, you click on 'Career', then 'Find Jobs', and then search "McGill Writing Centre." Please refer to the How to Apply for a Job (for Internal Candidates) job aid for further instructions.

If you are not currently employed at McGill or you have a contract in Workday that has not yet begun or you have a current contract that will end before the course offers are sent in mid-end June, then you should apply as an external candidate with a non-McGill email address. Please refer to the How to Apply for a Job (for External Candidates) job aid for further instructions.


For the complete list of the courses and teaching qualification requirements that are part of this June 1-15, 2022 posting period, please download and review these documents:

1)File F22 Instructor Preferences(includes both undergraduate and graduate courses posted at this time) where you will indicate your name, the total number of sections you wish to be considered for (undergraduate and/or graduate), and your ranking of preferences (undergraduate and/or graduate).


2 ) PDF iconF22 UG and GR Course List -updated that lists the undergraduate and graduate course schedule, teaching qualification requirements (TQRs), class start and end date, salary, and other relevant details.


If you wish to be considered for both undergraduate and graduate courses posted during this June 1-15 posting period, you must submit applications to both Workday sites linked below. You will upload the same Fall 2022 Instructor Preference excel sheet (showing your preferences) in both Workday application forms. You do not need to adjust the spreadsheet (i.e., delete rows of courses you are not applying for). This way, we can preserve your preferences for all the courses for which you wish to be considered.



In addition to completing the required fields of your application in Workday, you will also need to upload the following documents in the Workday space indicated for uploading one's CV:

-Your completed F22 Instructor Preferences_YOUR INITIALS.xlsx – download and save with your initials and then upload as an excel sheet [REQUIRED]

-Your updated CV [REQUIRED]

-Brief cover letter (if you are applying to teach a course you have not taught before or for which you have not previously received Teaching Qualification Requirement recognition) [IF APPLICABLE]

-Copy of your valid work permit (IF APPLICABLE)



Please note that given the planned resumption of in-person teaching activities, most courses will be taught in person. Exams may however need to be administered remotely depending, mainly on the size of the class. Course Lecturers will be required to plan accordingly. Should government restrictions prohibit the resumption of in person teaching, courses will revert to remote teaching. In the event of such a change, Course Lecturers will be advised without delay. Course Lecturers may be required to prepare and deliver teaching material suited to a remote/online teaching environment using a virtual learning platform [e.g., Zoom, WebEx] and the McGill myCourses learning management system. Training and assistance on remote teaching is available through Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) . Course Lecturers are encouraged to record their lectures.


Current room locations in Minerva are subject to change from Class Scheduling.


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