Graduate studies and postdoctoral positions

Postdoctoral fellows

Post doctoral fellows at McGill Vision Research are typically supported by the research grant of the faculty member in whose laboratory they are working, or by an independent post doctoral award. Suitably qualified candidates (PhD obtained or near completion) should contact the supervisor concerned from our faculty list. Post doctoral fellows must be within 5 years of obtaining their PhD to be able to receive Canadian funds.

Graduate studies

Students interested in applying for graduate studies (MSc or PhD) should first contact the faculty member at McGill Vision Research that they would be interested in having as their supervisor. (If you are contacting more than one potential supervisor in our unit, please specify this in your email).

Most of our graduate admissions occur via the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill University. Students can also apply to undertake graduate studies at our unit through the Department of Psychology, the Department of Biomedical Engineering or the Department of Physiology. Each of these departments has specific admission criteria and course work requirements for MSc and PhD degrees and interested applicants should consult the web pages of the relevant departments, or contact Graduate Admissions as listed below.

This diversity of graduate programs enables people with very different backgrounds to work in the Vision Research Unit and obtain degrees relevant to their interests.

Integrated Program in Neuroscience (IPN)

This program involves faculty members and potential supervisors from a range of departments and research institutes across McGill.

Integrated Program in Neuroscsience
Montreal Neurological Institute, Room 141
3801 University Street, Montreal, Qc, H3A 2B4
IPN website


Giovanna LoCaseo, Graduate Program Coordinator
Psychologt Department
Tel.: 514-398-6124
Fax: 514-398-4896
giovanna [at] (Email)
Department of Psychology website


Biomedical Engineering

Lina Vuch, Graduate Program Coordinator
Tel.: 514-398-6736
Fax: 514-398-7461
lina.vuch [at] (Email)
Department of Biomedical Engineering website


Christine Pamplin, Graduate Student Affairs Coordinator
Tel.: 514-398-4343
Fax: 514-398-7452
christine.pamplin [at] (Email)
Department of Physiology website

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