Undergraduate studies


Summer studentships

Each faculty member may take on undergraduate summer students to work in their laboratory over the summer. These may be funded from the faculty member's research grant, in which case the prospective supervisor should be contacted directly (see faculty list), or funded externally. Some options for external funding are:

  • Faculty of Medicine, Research Bursary Program for undergraduate medical students at McGill University.
  • NSERC (Natural Science and Engineering Research Council) has undergraduate student research awards. See the NSERC website.

PSYC 494, PSYC 396/495, or NSCI 410/420 Independent Research Project

Students in Psychology or Neuroscience wishing to conduct research to obtain credits for these courses should contact the appropriate faculty member.


Our principle contribution to undergraduate teaching is the course Advances in Visual Perception (PSYC 526 Winter) taught by Professors Frederick Kingdom and Kathy Mullen in the Department of Psychology at McGill. The course tackles fundamental questions and new ideas about how the visual system works and relates vision to other sensory modalities.

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