Seminars 2023-2024

Throughout the academic year, McGill Vision Research and the Centre for Research in Neuroscience host the weekly BRaIN Seminar Series, as part of the RI-MUHC BRaIN Program. The topics cover numerous aspects of experimental neuroscience, and our speakers include international as well as local leaders in their respective fields. 

When : Wednesdays at 12 noon (unless otherwise stated).

Where: CRN seminar room, Montreal General Hospital, Livingston Hall, L7-140, with hybrid option

Are you interested in attending a virtual seminar? If so, contact the brain [at] (subject: Addition%20to%20email%20list) (BRaIN Program)  to receive the link.

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Speaker and topic   


Sept 27, 2023

@ 1:00pm

EDI Special Event
Title: "Picture a Scientist" screening and panelist discussion
Host: BRaIN Program EDI Committee

Oct 4, 2023

Matthew P. Gardner, PhD
Department of Psychology, Concordia University
Title: Orbitofrontal cortex involvement in updating decisions during economic choice
Host: BRaIN Program

Oct 11, 2023

Pouya Bashivan , PhD
Department of Physiology, McGill University and Associate member of the Quebec AI Institute (MILA)
Title: Reverse engineering the cortical topography
Host: Jesper Sjöström

Oct 18, 2023

Ciaran Murphy-Royal, PhD
Department of Neuroscience, Université de Montréal
Title: Shoot for the stars: Targeting astrocytes to reverse stress-induced behavioural dysfunction
Host: Wei-Hsiang Huang
Oct 25, 2023
Behzad Mansouri MD PhD
Neuro-ophthalmology clinic at iScope-Brain, Vision and Concussion 
Title: Digital medicine in eye-care
Host: Kathy Mullen

Nov 01, 2023

Alexander Baldwin, PhD
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, McGill University
In-House Research Update

Nov 8, 2023

Mark Brandon, PhD
Department of Psychiatry, McGill University
Title: New insights into the mechanisms that govern attractor network state transitions to support cognition
Host: Jesper Sjöström

Nov 22, 2023

MiYoung Kwon, PhD
Department of Psychology, College of Science, Northeastern University
Title: TBD
Host: Alexandre Reynaud

Nov 29, 2023

Stefanie Blain-Moraes, PhD
School of Physical & Occupational Therapy,  McGill University
In-House Research Update

Dec 6, 2023

Natalie J. Michael, PhD
Department of Human Genetics, McGill University
Title: Histaminergic neuron regulation of homeostatic functions
Host: Charles Bourque
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