Students, postdocs, and lab personnel

General contact information:

Tel.: 514-934-1934 (plus Ext.)
Fax: 514-934-8216

Kathy Mullen's lab (ext. 34815)

Christopher Shooner, PhD Research Associate christopher.shooner [at]
Audrey (Zhuohan) Jiang Master's student audrey.jiang [at] 

Curtis Baker's lab (ext. 34819)


Jing Ning


Master's Student


jing.ning [at]


Ana Ramirez-Hernandez


PhD Student


ana.ramirezhernandez [at]

Jinani Janahansi Sooriyaarachchi PhD Student jinani.sooriyaarachchi [at]

Robert Hess's lab (ext. 35307)

  Marie-Céline Lorenzini, PhD Research Associate marie-celine.lorenzini [at]
  Raffles Zhu Master's Student xingqi.zhu [at]

JANINE MENDOLA's lab (ext. 34508)


Eric Mokri


PhD Student


eric.mokri [at]

Sujeevini Sujanthan Master's Student sujeevini.sujanthan [at]
Austin Cooper Master's Student austin.cooper [at]
Asa Borzabadi PhD Student asa.borzabadifarahani [at]
Ziqi Hao Master's Student ziqi.hao [at]

Fred Kingdom's lab (ext. 34803)

Stephen Beukema PhD Student steve.beukema [at]
  Ayşegül Akgöz Master's student aysegul.akgoz [at]

Reza Farivar's lab (ext. 35305)

  Reza Abbas Farishta, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow rezaabbasfarishta [at]
Yiran Chen PhD Student yiran.chen [at]
Giovana dos Santos Cover PhD Student giovana.cover [at]
Sébastien Proulx PhD Student sebastien.proulx2 [at]
Tatiana Ruiz PhD Student tatiana.ruiz [at]
Angela Zhang PhD Student angela.zhang [at]
Haneieh Molaei PhD Student haneieh.molaei [at]
Luiza Volpi PhD Student luiza.passosvolpi [at]
Shael Brown PhD Student shael.brown [at]
Laurie Goulet Master's Student laurie.goulet [at]
Charbel Matta Master's Student charbel.matta [at]
  Walter Gonzalez Master's Student walter.adamegonzalez [at]
William Mathieu Project Manager william.mathieu [at]
  Shangge Jiang Research Assistant shanggejiang [at]

Alex Baldwin's lab (ext. 34817)

  Annabel Fan PhD Student [at]
  Jeong Ung Song Master's Student [at]
  Raffles Zhu Master's Student xingqi.zhu [at]

Alexandre Reynaud's lab (ext. 35307)

Rinku Sarkar, MD PhD Student rinku.sarkar [at]
Penghan Wang Master's Student [at]
Daniel Gurman Master's Student daniel.gurman [at]


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