Online Classes and Workshops

Individual Classes and Series

Throughout the year, MORSL offers students the chance to learn about various practices and techniques that can help build a sense of inner well-being. We make every effort to provide programming that is diverse and open to everyone, regardless of prior experience, religious identity or background. Registration for all our classes is open to students who pay the Student Services fee, and are offered at no charge. Bring an open heart and a curious mind!

Crafting a Personal Sacred Space

You might wonder how to maintain your spiritual or religious practices at home or in a new apartment. During this online guided workshop, led by MORSL's director Carlene Gardner, you will find time to reflect upon your environment - whether it be made up of large spaces or small crevices - and learn how you may utilize or devote these areas to sacredness.

Workshop time: 17 minutes.

Printable worksheet (PDF).


Online version of Spiritual Side of Yoga "Yoga off-the-mat"

These 8 sessions introduce students to some elements of yogic philosophy followed by a series of gentle movements, concluding with calming meditation. Suitable for all bodies.

Learn more about the Spiritual Side of Yoga Series.

Session times: Approx. 45-50minutes each


Meditation Techniques

A 4-part course to build up a toolbox of techniques. Suitable for beginners and experience meditators alike. 

Learn more about the Meditation Techniques Series.

Session times: Approx. 40 minutes each

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