Latest Radix issue hits the stands (Living Apart, Together)


Published: 6Aug2020

MORSL and the Radix Advisory Board are proud to present the Summer 2020 edition of Radix magazine, "Living Apart, Together."

This theme is broad in content, but specific in time. We have no idea if we will live through another pandemic. We do not know when this one will end. We all recognize this, and in this Summer 2020 edition of Radix our contributors reckon with our unique situation. In the midst of a global pandemic, torn from the routines and regularities that we readily rely upon, this issue considers what it means to form connections from a distance: with ourselves, with others, and with the global community.

We encourage you to browse this multimedia issue and take a moment - or several - to think for yourself, how do we live apart, together?

We are always accepting submissions for future issues of Radix!

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