Call for submissions to Radix magazine issue 72


MORSL invites you to contribute to our Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Radix, McGill’s Student Spirituality Magazine, on the theme of 'the natural world'. Deadline to send us your entries is by midnight on Sunday, March 17, 2019 via our online form.

At what point lie the limits of artifice, and what exists beyond? In the coming months the snows will melt and leaves will return to barren branches, while down below other limbs lose their hibernal coverings. The natural world, of course, is not out there – in mind as much as in space ­- sequestered in spaces delimited like parks, or all other places supposedly untouched by human hands. No, the natural world enfolds and unfolds along and beside us and around us and all the while we leave our mark upon it (too much and too often, as of late) and we are always affected in turn. In this, the Spring 2019 issue of Radix we ask: What is the nature of things? Of the world? Of ourselves? Growth, change, renewal, return, perhaps all or some or none? We invite you to look outside and look within, and tell us what you find.

We accept everything from illustrations to poetry to photography to short stories to finger painting, as long as it is respectful to all identities and all traditions. We look forward to seeing all the wonderful things our McGill community of students comes up with!

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