Mine Multiphysics Laboratory


Mine Multiphysics: Advanced Multiphysics Systems for Sustainable Minerals and Energy Extraction research group, led by Professor Agus P Sasmito, focuses on the experimental and computational modeling studies of multiscale and multiphysics problems of industrial interest, especially in mining, minerals and energy extraction engineering. The current interests include, but not limited to, mine ventilation, geo-energy, energy systems (conventional and renewable/alternative power sources), artificial ground freezing, slurry/paste transport, minerals processing, materials handling, industrial transport processes and thermal fluid sciences & engineering.

The group aims to introduce open innovations, leading cutting-edge research, technological as well as manpower development in mining R&D industries with respect to energy savings, environmental, health & safety improvement, and – most importantly – mine productivity.

Located in the heart of Montreal City, Mine Multiphysics research group enjoys the diversity of a multicultural environment with vibrant world-class talents and facilities of the world renowned and the oldest Mining Engineering Program in North America at McGill University.

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