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Canadian Mining Games - Jackleg Event

The Department of Mining Engineering was created in 1870 to become the oldest mining school in Canada. By 1873, the first mining engineer in Canada graduated from McGill. The Mining Engineering Program is known for its excellence in research and the quality of its graduates, many of whom have held key positions in the mining industry. A wide range of scholarships is available to qualified students including an Entrance Award.

The Bilingual Stream was created in 1988 in collaboration with Ecole Polytechnique whereby McGill students take six courses at Ecole in the 3rd year of the program. In 2013, the English Stream was created to accommodate out-of-province and international destinations allowing them to take all mining courses in English at McGill. The co-op program offers the opportunity to gain work experience while studying through three, paid work terms in industry and departmental research labs. Students are admitted automatically to the co-op program, however, they can later choose to graduate without co-op, i.e. without having to complete all three coop work terms. For more information, click here.