Geomechanics & EMERG Labs

1. Mine Backfill (Hydraulic fill, Paste fill, Gelfill, Foam fill, Salt fill)

Mine backfill research was established in 1983 and was one of the early pioneers of research, development and application of paste fill in Canada. The current main research work has been the optimization of mine fill behaviour and strength as well as introduction of new fill materials such as Gelfill and Foam fill. The self heating of mine fill and its remediation is also being investigated. The research facilities are equipped with the latest laboratory and field equipment and instrumentation. The research work has been supported by major Canadian mining companies such as Vale Inco and Xstrata.

2. Sub-Surface sensing research

This lab deals with research and development of subsurface sensing techniques for geological material from 0-100 meters in mining and civil structures. Three patents have been awarded for the research work conducted in this lab. This research has been supported by Hydro-Québec and Canadian mining companies. A major contribution from CFI, as well as from mining companies, has provided a state-of-the-art laboratory with the latest subsurface sensing equipment. Major research work has been carried out with Hydro-Quebec, CSST, Xstrata, and IAMGOLD.

3. Explosive free rock breaking (Microwave assisted drilling and rock excavation systems)

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This multidisciplinary research group is comprised of mining, mechanical and electrical engineering researchers. The main task is to evaluate and optimize the microwave assisted drilling and excavation systems for both mining and civil engineering industries. This research is being supported by: Agnico Eagle, Areva, Barrick Gold, IAMGOLD, KGHM Poland, Rio Tinto, Vale Inco, Xstrata Nickel Raglan, and Hydro-Québec as well as NSERC. Collaborators are Professor Radziszewski (Mechanical Engineering), Professor Abhari (Electrical Engineering), Professors Waters (Materials Engineering).

EMERG Labs (Earth/Mine Energy Research Group Labs )

Earth / Mine Energy Resource Group ( EMERG)

This group at McGill University is headed by Professor Ferri Hassani to investigate and advance the sustainable development of alternative energies from both active and abandoned surface as well as underground mines. The development of these alternate and sustainable energies will employ physical characteristics and properties of different type of mines such as thermal heat, potential energy, as well as its enclosure capacity. Collaborators are Professors Frank Mucciardi, Rabi Baliga, Peter Radziszewski, Geza Joos, René Therrien (Laval U), and Mory M. Ghomshei (UBC).

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