COSMO -- Stochastic Mine Planning Laboratory


COSMO Technical Day, June 2014

A major focus of new activities have begun at McGill’s COSMO (Stochastic Mine Planning Laboratory) . COSMO was opened in 2006 and is a center of excellence in Strategic Mine Planning and Stochastic Optimization. Ongoing research programs include three key interrelated elements:

  • Stochastic mine planning, design and production scheduling frameworks that are founded upon novel mathematical optimization models.
  • High-order, non-linear, non-Gaussian stochastic models of geological risk and new concepts for the stochastic simulation of complex natural phenomena.
  • Financial models of mineral market uncertainties as related to mine planning and project valuation.
  • Environmental contributions: spatial models for contaminated site characterization; rehabilitation characterization and assessment, CO2 sequestration in underground reservoirs.

These elements are part of a broader agenda aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of the Earth’s natural resources, recognizing climate change and the multifaceted challenges it poses.

Knowledge Mobilization

McGill’s a yearly Certification Program in “Ore Reserve Risk and Mine Planning Optimization”: CENG 222, 16 Continuing Education Units. This certification program transfers new methods, technologies and approaches COSMO Lab research produces to mining engineering professionals.

Offered in 2010 in Montreal, the course was attended by 15 participants (3 remote) from Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Angola, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and USA.

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