Profiles List

Amit Bar-Or

Academic title(s): Director, Center for Neuroinflammation and Neurotherapeutics Chief, Multiple Sclerosis Division, Department of Neurology Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Adjunct Professor of Neurology, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University

Eric Cohen

Academic title(s): Professor - University of Montreal Department of Microbiology, Infectiology and Immunology, Adjunct Professor - McGill University Department of Medicine, Division of Experimental Medicine, Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Albert Descoteaux

Academic title(s): Professor Université du Québec

Javier Marcelo Di Noia

Academic title(s): Professor

Andrés Finzi

Academic title(s): Adjunct Professor

Nathalie Grandvaux

Academic title(s): Associate Professor Université de Montréal  

George Kukolj

Academic title(s): Head of Infectious Disease Discovery, Janssen Biopharma Inc.

Peter C K Lau

Academic title(s): Principal Research Officer National Research Council Canada

Sylvie Lesage

Academic title(s): Associate Research Professor

Shan-Lu Liu

Academic title(s): Program Director at the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

Joaquin Madrenas

Academic title(s): Chief Scientific Officer, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center & Adjunct Professor at McGill University

Rafei Moutih

Academic title(s): Associate Professor - Professeur sous-octroi agrégé

Catherine Paradis-Bleau

Academic title(s): Assistant Professor Département de microbiologie, infectiologie et immunologie

Ancuta Petronela

Academic title(s): Associate Professor  

Kelly Pike

Academic title(s): Senior Scientist II Inception Sciences Canada

Woong-Kyung Suh

Academic title(s): Director, Immune Regulation Research Unit Associate IRCM Research Professor Associate Research Professor, Department of Medicine (accreditation in the Department of Microbiology, Infectiology and Immunology, and the Molecular Biology Program), Université de Montréal Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine (Division of Experimental Medicine), and Adjunct Member, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, McGill University