MFORUM Conference 2017-2018

Conference theme: Resilience - To learn, prepare & cultivate

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

2018 MFORUM Conference Itinerary

Keynote Speaker - Emotional intelligence and performance psychology (Morning)

Isabelle Fontaine, Expert in Performance Psychology and Emotional Intelligence, and the author of two books on the subject.

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"Building on years of university teaching, television appearances and a series of over 1500 presentations to some 800 organizations and counting, ISABELLE FONTAINE has become today’s premier go-to speaker in performance psychology. She travels the world seeking out emerging mind-related breakthroughs in the neuroscience and neurobiology of emotions. Fascinated by the psychological, physiological and biological mechanisms that help people tap into their inner power, she helps people to unlock their courage, charisma and leadership potential."

Early Afternoon - Three Concurrent Sessions - 13h30 – 14h25

Stress and Wellness in the Workplace

Recognize the current stressors in your work life and identify the individual and organizational variables over which you will want to have some control. Learn strategies and techniques to help you better manage your day-to-day stress, and to increase your sense of well-being in the months to come.

Shan Rampersaud, a dynamic and devoted yoga teacher with 30 years experience.

As a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), Shan embodies beautifully the values of yoga and makes this holistic practice accessible to all. Shan has been a stress management professor at a US university and a wellness/family-life consultant. For over 20 years, Shan has been teaching a variety of workshops aimed at empowerment and wellness, including stress management, leadership, communication, self-esteem, team management, conflict resolution, parenting and life skills for families. In recent years, she is a valued consultant/trainer in Organizational Development. Shan has also been a volunteer with Art of Living for 17 years, where she teaches the Happiness course, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, and YesPlus courses (youth empowerment course). Her commitment to human development and wellness is inspiring, her knowledge extensive, and her laugh contagious!

Johanne Houle (tentative), Director, Staff and Organizational Development

Johanne joined McGill as Director of Organizational Development in February 2008, where she has been active in the Leadership Development Program and many initiatives designed to empower and equip our employees, teams and units. Working with highly diverse populations over several decades, Johanne’s interests involve holistic health and wellness and human development. As a psycho-social educator and CEGEP instructor, Johanne has long woven together Eastern and Western approaches to Stress Management and Life Skills. Her contributions have involved women’s organizations, disadvantaged youth, police & correctional trainees, and people in career and life transitions. Johanne holds an M.A. in Human Systems Intervention and completed course work in a Specialized Individual PhD Program, entitled “Creating a Learning Organization in Higher Education in Quebec”. On her spare time, Johanne enjoys nature, practices Meditation and Kriya yoga and is a volunteer with the International Association of Human Values.

Climate Resilience: Make it Personal

Learn about the concepts of mitigation, adaptation and risk in relation to climate change, and explore actions you can take - personally and in your communities - to help build resilience against the impacts of climate change.

Ali Rivers, Climate Officer, McGill Office of Sustainability

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Ali Rivers works in McGill’s Office of Sustainability as the University’s Climate Officer. She completes McGill’s annual greenhouse gas inventories, develops programs to reduce emissions in pursuit of McGill’s 2040 carbon neutrality target, and has started work on a comprehensive climate risk assessment for McGill’s campuses and communities. Prior to her work with McGill, Ali worked for nine years as a climate change analyst, where she helped organizations and governments measure and mitigate their emissions and built an industry-leading environmental SaaS platform. Ali has volunteered her time for the CDP and Science Based Targets Initiative, and helped to write the WBCSD/WRI Scope 3 and Product protocols. She really loves poutine.

Fair? Equity and Implicit Bias in Hiring and Promotion

McGill is in the heart of Montreal, a diverse metropolis, and yet the diversity of the city is not fully reflected in our workforce. This session will include a brief overview of the current situation, after which participants will be guided through an exercise to identify barriers to workforce representation and steps we can take to remedy the situation in our own areas.

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Tynan Jarrett, Employment Equity Advisor, Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)

Late Afternoon - Three Concurrent Sessions - 15h05 – 16h00

Managing Mindfulness: Supporting Managers in Reducing Stress and Enhancing Well-Being

Mindfulness has become an increasingly popular topic in the research and school communities; however, it is important to be aware of best practices for the application of mindfulness, despite many work and time commitments. Drawing on current knowledge and research around mindfulness, this workshop will focus on specific strategies for integrating mindfulness into your personal and professional lives in order to reduce stress and enhance performance.

Dana Carsley, BEd, MEd, PhD Candidate in McGill University’s Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Development And Intrapersonal Resilience team member

Mrs. Carsley has worked as a course lecturer at McGill, an elementary school teacher, and a special needs tutor for students at all levels. Her research focuses on classroom interventions to promote mental health, specifically teacher-led mindfulness and stress management programs. Her commitment to enhancing well-being has resulted in 9 publications related to mental health in schools and 30+ presentations at academic and practitioner conferences and community outreach workshops. She is a Tomlinson Scholar, and recipient of the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Doctoral Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

In Case of Emergency: Essential Preparedness Information for Ms

Emergencies can range from small-scale events, such as a colleague requiring emergency assistance, to a larger event such as a building fire, flood, or active shooter incident. Attend this workshop to better prepare yourself to face emergencies at McGill.

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Sarah Delisle, ABCP, Emergency Planning Officer, Campus Public Safety

Sarah Delisle is the Emergency Planning Officer (Campus Public Safety - Emergency Management & Preparedness unit) and works with colleagues across the university to promote comprehensive emergency planning and preparedness. Sarah strongly believes community collaboration and risk-based, all-hazards planning are essential for promoting disaster resilience. This conviction developed from her personal experience of the 1998 Ice Storm in Quebec, and through her work as a Municipal Recovery Liaison with the Government of Alberta for the 2013 Southern Alberta floods and the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires. In addition to Incident Command System, Emergency Operations Centre, and business continuity training, Sarah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies from Brandon University and a Master’s Degree in Geography from McGill. She is a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), the Association de sécurité civile du Québec (ASCQ), and the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA).

Hugo Bourcier, Emergency Preparedness Officer, Campus Public Safety

Hugo Bourcier is the Emergency Preparedness Officer (Campus Public Safety - Emergency Management & Preparedness unit) and works with responders and members of the community to ensure that they are prepared for emergencies. Hugo has spent 20 years working in the security, emergency and safety industry. With McGill since 2006, he has held positions ranging from a uniformed patroller, and Security Operations Centre dispatcher, to operations administrator overseeing equipment inspections at the Fire Prevention Office, and operations administrator overseeing uniformed security personnel and day-to-day operations for Security Services. Prior to working at McGill, Hugo held security supervision positions at Matrox Electronics and Execair Aviation. Hugo is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), which is the gold standard in security management certifications. Hugo is a graduate from Université de Montréal in Security and Police Management and has training in Incident Command System, Emergency Operations Center, Emergency (911) Dispatching, Emergency Response training and Construction Safety. Hugo is a member of ASIS International, International Association of Emergency Managers, and the Association de la sécurité civile du Québec.

More than Just a Pat on the Back: Developing Team Resiliency through Positive Recognition

Being recognized is a crucial way to support individual and team belonging and engagement at work. When we are seen for our unique contributions, we actively participate, even when the going gets rough. This workshop is for those interested in learning practical ways to amp up positive recognition in the work environment to support deepened team resilience and engagement.

Kit Malo, Consultant, Estuaries Learning Consulting Group

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Kit Malo is a change consultant that helps organizations learn how to learn into change, risk and complexity. She uses purposeful, context-driven design to collaborate with organizations in transition, with a focus on learning. She designs and implements interventions that develop necessary strategies for strong organizational and project outcomes. Kit’s areas of expertise include Organizational Change Processes, Cultural Bridging and Brokerage, Learning Development Curriculum & Delivery and Visual Meaning Making & Support. In particular, she works with leaders (at all levels of systems) to enhance their sense of possibility, creativity and joy in the workplace, for the benefit of the whole. Harnessing her background in nonprofit and community development, Kit works across sectors, particularly within the NGO, Government (both Canadian and First Nations) and Higher Education spheres. She gravitates towards organizations that have, at their heart, social change mandates, as she sees organizational development support as a deep relationship imbued with meaning and purpose for all parties. Kit holds a Masters in Human Systems Intervention from Concordia University and infuses all of her work with the processes and skills she acquired in the community and visual arts sectors she grew up in.

Kit Malo bio.

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