Prof. Roddy Rogers

Cloud Physics and Radar Meteorology

Professor Rogers joined the faculty at McGill in 1966 after several years of research experience in radar meteorology at Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory. He continued research in atmospheric remote sensing and precipitation physics at McGill and gave courses in physical meteorology, serving as departmental chairman for nine years. Retiring in 1996, he remained active in research until 1998, when he left the university to become director of the physical meteorology program at the National Science Foundation.

The following is a sample of his publications:

Rogers, R.R., and M.K. Yau, 1989: A Short Course in Cloud Physics, 3rd Ed. Pergamon Press, Oxford, 293 pp.

Rogers, R.R., W.L. Ecklund, D.A. Carter, K.S. Gage, and S.A. Ethier, 1993: Research applications of a boundary layer wind profiler. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc. 74, 567‑580.

Rogers, R.R., and P.L. Smith, 1996: A short history of radar meteorology. Historical Essays on Meteorology 1919-1995, J. R. Fleming, Ed., Boston, American Meteorological Society, pp.57-98.

Rogers, R.R., M.-F. Lamoureux, L. Bissonnette, and R.M. Peters, 1997: Quantitative interpretation of laser ceilometer intensity profiles. J. Atmos. Ocean. Tech. 14, 396-411.

Rogers, R.R., and W.O.J. Brown, 1997: Radar observations of a major industrial fire. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc. 78, 803-814.

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