Recent Invited Presentations

2010 – Present

July 2014 University of Califoria, San Diego Origin, regulation and function of hepatic stellate cells in colorectal cancer liver metastasis
November 2013 Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada - Montreal, Québec Personalized medicine in the management of colorectal cancer. (Session Chair)
June 2013 International meeting of the Liver Metastasis Research Network - Montreal, Québec Role of the microenvironment in liver metastasis.
October 2012 The 40th annual meeting of the International Society of Oncology and Biomarkers - Jerusalem, Israel An IGF-Trap for the treatment of Cancer.
March 2012 Conference on the Biology of Liver Metastasis - Copenhagen, Denmark Role of the microenvironment in liver metastasis.
November 2011 The 5th China Medicinal Biotech Forum – Beijing, China  Developing an IGF-I receptor decoy as an anti-cancer drug. – Keynote speaker
June 2011 Montreal International Symposium on Angiogenesis and Metastasis (MISAM) The molecualr landscape of liver-specific metastasis – What have we learnt.
May 2011 Crossroad for BioTransfer 2011 - NRC Biotechnology Research Institute Soluble IGF-I receptor for treatment of cancer and metastasis.
February 2011 Gordon Research conference on Insulin-like Growth factors in Physiology and Disease - Ventura, Ca. Multipronged regulation of the tumor microenvironment by the IGF axis.
August 2010 15th International Symposium of the International Society of Cells of the Hepatic Sinusoids Distinct and gender-specific roles of the TNF receptors in liver metastasis.
July 2010 Quebec-Israel Joint Colloquium on Drug Discovery and Development - Jerusalem, Israel Developing an IGF Trap for cancer therapy: Progress and Challenges.
May 2010 5th Canadian Gene therapy and Vaccine Symposium - Lac Carling, Québec Use of an IGF-Trap for Cancer Therapy.