Stephanie Perrino

Animal Health Technician

Stephanie Perrino

Brief description of your research project(s): 

As an animal health technician, my principal duties are related to the welfare and maintenance of the mice transgenic colony. My duties include breeding, weaning and maintaining records of each mouse strain and provide inventories, ensuring that we have sufficient animals for each experiment. Also, I participate in most ongoing projects and experiments, either performing surgeries or lending a hand with pre- and post-operative care, monitoring and data-collection.

What I have learned / hope to learn in the Brodt lab: 

I have perfected my skills in different techniques of tumor implantation, such as intra-splenic, intra-pancreatic and mammary fat pad and, more recently, I have been training for intra-cerebral tumor implantation and brain cannulation.

Future goals: 

My goals are to familiarize myself with all the procedures on protocols, and acquire all the techniques necessary to become a resourceful animal health technician for the lab and possibly improve and continue the great work that is being done here. I think that in the 5 years that I’ve been in the lab, I have proven myself and I will continue to do great work and improve my skills.

The past year we have taken on a new project; the development of a new treatment for glioblastoma multiform combining a targeted therapy and two innovative technologies for the delivery of the drug across the blood brain barrier. Again, a lot of new procedures on my plate, so I hope to excel in stereotaxic techniques …


Gardening, cycling and hiking.




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