Stephanie Perrino

Animal Health Technician

Brief description of your research project(s): 

As an animal health technician, my principal duties are related to the welfare and maintenance of the mice transgenic colony.  I maintain records of each mice strains and provide inventories; ensuring that we have sufficient animals for each experiments. I do not currently have a project of my own, but I participate in ongoing projects and experiments, helping with pre and post-operative care, monitoring and data-collection.

What I have learned / hope to learn in the Brodt lab: 

Every aspect of cancer research is fairly new to me, so I’m learning quite a lot. It can be overwhelming some times, but also very stimulating. I’m grateful that I’ve joined such a great team. So far, I have learned new surgical techniques involving tumor implantation which I still need to practice, and I‘m also learning about liver metastasis biology and development.  

Future goals: 

My goals are to familiarise myself with all the procedures on protocols, and acquire all the techniques necessary, so I can become a resourceful animal health technician for the lab, and possibly improve and continue the great work that is being done. I also want to be able to pass on my knowledge to future colleagues.  


Gardening, glass staining, knitting, bicycle and hiking.