Friday Noon Seminars

Time: 12:00-13:00 (Eastern Standard Time)

Where to watch: Recordings and live streams* on our YouTube channel

*The availability of the live stream depends on the consent of our invited speaker

Winter 2023

Date Speaker Abstract Link
May 26 Marc Chamberland PDF icon egs_brachy and the CLRP Monte Carlo TG-43 Parameter Database
Apr 21 Ruth Wilkins PDF icon "Biodosimetry at Health Canada"
Apr 14 Avery Berman PDF icon "Imaging Brain Function with Improved Physiological and Spatial Specificity using MRI"
Mar 31 Monique Mayer PDF icon “Comparative Oncology: How Veterinary Radiation Oncology Can Benefit both Animal and Human Cancer Patients”
Mar 17 Michael Evans CLOSED SESSION - "Clinical medical physics: Random opportunities and lucky chances"
Feb 17 Susannah Hickling PDF icon "Treatment of Ocular Sites with a Gantry-based Spot Scanning Proton System"
Feb 10 Tim Szczykutowicz PDF icon Deep Learning Image Reconstruction: Compared and Contrasted with FBP and IR
Jan 20 Robert Weersink PDF icon "Volumetric Optical Imaging for Imaged Guided Therapies"
Jan 13 Martin Vallières PDF icon An academic journey from Medical Physics to AI4Health: From diving to surfing research, and back again

Fall 2022

Date Speaker Abstract Link
Dec 16 Mikaël Simard PDF icon "A year of experiences in University College Lo9ndon - from proton imaging for lung cancer to applying artificial intelligence in digital pathology for sarcomas"
Dec 9 Ravi Menon PDF icon Random walks: A journey from physics to functional brain imaging"
Dec 2 Sangkyu Lee PDF icon "Radiogenomics: Predicting and understanding normal tissue complication with genomics and machine learning"
Nov 18 Claire Cohalan PDF icon "Theranostics in Nuclear Medicine"
Nov 11 Dimitre Hristov PDF icon "Dynamic Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound Modeling of an Analog to Pseudo-diffusivity in Intravoxel Incoherent Motion Magnetic Resonance Imaging"
Nov 4 André Diamant PDF icon "From academia to entrepreneurship with some ramblings along the way"
Oct 21 Brandon Xia PDF icon "Multiscale modeling of biomolecular networks"
Sep 23 TheranostiCentre Srl Group PDF icon "The Compact Neutron Generator (CNG) and the LINC-ER project for the treatment of stage I and II solid cancers”
Sep 9 Various speakers CLOSED SESSION - "Medical Physics & Radiation Oncology Research Projects Overview"
Sep 2 Various speakers CLOSED SESSION - "Academic, Clinical & Radiation Safety Overview"


For questions related to the Medical Physics Unit Noon Seminar Series, please contact:

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