Dosimetry is crucial in all stages of the radiotherapy process to ensure patients are receiving the correct dose to the intended anatomy. Work in this department aims to improve the accuracy of existing dosimetry methods and develop novel techniques. This includes research in the areas of radiation beam calibration, accurate measurement of non-standard treatment fields, in vivo dosimetry techniques and Monte Carlo radiation transport simulations. 

The macrodosimetry resarch group at the Glen Hospital. From left to right : Kyle O'Grady, Lalageh Mirzakhanian, Peter Watson, Shirin Enger, Yana Zlateva, Fernando Parois Japiassú, Susannah Hickling, James Renaud, Allison Toltz, Jan Seuntjens.

Key Publications

  1. Watson P, Mainegra-Hing E, Tomic N, Seuntjens J (2015). Implementation of an efficient Monte Carlo calculation for CBCT scatter correction: phantom study. J. Appl. Clin. Med. Phys. 16 (4): 216.
  2. Papaconstadopoulos P, Hegyi G, Seuntjens J, Devic S (2014). A protocol for EBT3 radiochromic film dosimetry using reflection scanning. Med. Phys. 41 (12): 122101.
  3. Papaconstadopoulos P, Tessier F, Seuntjens J (2014). On the correction, perturbation and modification of small field detectors in relative dosimetry. Phys. Med. Biol. 59 (19): 5937.
  4. Papaconstadopoulos P, Seuntjens J (2013). A source model for modulated electron radiation therapy using dynamic jaw movements. Med. Phys. 40 (5): 051707.
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