CPD Accreditation/Certification Step-By-Step Guide

CPD Accreditation/Certification Application Form

In order to facilitate the accreditation process, ensure you are completing the most current CPD accreditation/certification application form. Consult with our web site at CPD Accreditation/Certification Application Form

  • Ensure to answer all the questions.
  • Complete and submit a certificate template or a certificate request form. See options for certificates by clicking here.
  • The completed and final version of the application form, including all final versions of the supporting documentations, must be submitted all at the same time 8 weeks prior to the start date of the activity. Late fees will apply if the application form and/or supporting documentations are received less than 8 weeks prior to the start date of the activity.

Submit All Supporting Documents

  • Signed and completed application form (SPC Chair signature, pg. 12)
  • Invitations / promotional materials: flyers, brochures, website links, blogs, etc...
  • Speaker invitation template and communication stating CPD standards
  • If funding was received: provide signed letter(s) of agreement(s) and the sponsorship prospectus
  • If funding was received: provide the commercial interest branding: logos, colors, symbols, etc.…
  • If the SPC/PO chooses to delegate to a third-party payment of expenses: provide the signed agreement detailing the roles and responsibilities
  • Copy of the schedule (provide preliminary if not finalized)
  • Signed copy of the Financial Competing Interests Form – if applicable (Scientific Planning Committee Chair, pg.13)
  • Signed copies of the Declaration of Potential Conflict of Interest Forms – Scientific and Organizing Planning Committees 
  • Signed Ethical Review Form (SPC Chair signature, pg. 14)
  • If requesting RCSPC MOC credits: Declaration form to be completed by SPC member affiliated with RCPSC – (pg. 15)
  • If requesting CFPC Mainpro+ credits: Declaration form to be completed by SPC member affiliated with the McGill University FMHS and the CFPC member that resides in Quebec – (pg. 16 & 17)
  • Scientific Planning Committee (SPC) meeting minutes, summary of comments from email correspondence, etc.… ensure to include and highlight discussion of mandatory key elements TEMPLATE - SPC Meeting Minutes
  • Needs Assessment: summaries used to identify the development of the activity
  • Evaluation form: template that will be disseminated to participants 
  • PowerPoint Slide Set - Content (PDF of slides not acceptable) – mandatory for activities funded by one for-profit or not-for-profit organization If the activity is presented in English and French, submit PPTs in both languages
  • Slides that will be presented to participants with the SPC and speakers conflicts of interest disclosure statements

Submit your accreditation/certification application form and supporting materials via email: cpd.med [at] mcgill.ca

If requesting Section 3 credits, ensure to include the following supporting documents

  • Copy of budget
  • Learning objectives and scoring sheet
  • Participant’s reflection tools
  • Participant’s feedback strategies
  • Sample participant’s correct and incorrect answers report
  • Instructors evaluation tool, ex.: videotaped assessment

Accreditation/Certification Approval

Once the activity has been approved, CPD will send you:

  • An email notification stating the activity was accredited/certified
  • A letter of the official approval, including the type of credits and total number of credits granted, the Associate Dean’s comments and the deadline for submitting your final report
  • Official wording that must appear verbatim on the final printed material;

Accreditation/Certification Review Fees

Once the review has been completed, an invoice indicating all fees (+ applicable taxes) linked to your activity will be submitted to you. Please see the classifications listed below to identify which system applies to you.

1. External to McGill

McGill’s Accounts Receivable Office will be sending you a detailed invoice with all applicable fees.

2. Hospital Departments

This is a hospital policy. We require a Purchase Order number (PO) document from your Purchasing Department. The request could be made once you receive a quote from our Office. Please issue the PO number and document under the Vendor/Supplier indicated below:

McGill University
Accounts Receivable
3465 Durocher St., Suite #323
Montreal, QC H2X 0A8

Contact: Maria Anania – maria.anania [at] mcgill.ca
Telephone: 514-398-2311 │ Fax: 514-398-1327

3. McGill University Units - paying via FOAPAL

The CPD Office will be sending you a detailed invoice with all applicable fees.

Final Report

To be completed and submitted to the CPD Office 8 weeks after the end of the accreditation period.

  • Ensure to answer all the questions.
  • The following supporting documents must be submitted with the completed final report Form:
    • Final Activity Program/Schedule/Agenda
    • Final promotional materials distributed to participants
    • All Participants List
    • Sign-in-Sheet/Proof of Attendance
    • Compiled results (summary) of evaluation forms
    • Signed copies of the conflict of interest disclosure forms – only forms not submitted with the accreditation/certification application form

Submit your final report form and supporting materials via email: cpd.med [at] mcgill.ca

Should you be submitting any documentation via Drop Box or another file hosting service, please ensure to provide access for at least an 8-week duration and admission to multiple users.

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