Project Renaissance

Project Renaissance

In 2016, the McGill Faculty of Medicine launched a new strategic planning exercise – Project Renaissance – to help guide its education, research and health affairs activities for the next five years. The previous exercise concluded with the rollout of a new MDCM program and the launch of a Strategic Research Plan, as well as other improvements, including better recognition of clinician teachers in the hospital network.

Project Renaissance supports the Faculty’s vision of “Healthier societies through education, discovery, collaboration and clinical care,”  as well as its tripartite mission and its values.

Major goals for the period 2017 to 2022 include:

  • Ensure that our educational programs prepare learners for their roles as health care providers and health researchers in the 21st century
  • Position McGill as Canada’s leading University in health research
  • Reinforce McGill’s leading role in health care in Quebec and Canada
  • Set the stage for the Faculty’s third century through the creation of a Health Sciences Campus

The planning exercise encompasses five themes, listed below and summarized in the framework document, together with the general process and timeline.

Since launched during the Faculty Council meeting in December 2016 (see slide 51), two retreats have taken place to advance the discussion and invite input. The first, involving Faculty leadership and Faculty Council members, was held in April 2017. A second, specific to Health Affairs and involving leadership from McGill’s academic health network on the Island of Montreal, took place in June. Retreat presentations and other materials are available at these links:

Comments are welcome throughout the Project Renaissance planning exercise via various channels, including but not limited to Faculty Council meetings and online here.