Honours & Awards Committee, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Faculty of Medicine's (now Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) Honours and Awards Committee was struck in July 2010 to advise the Dean and Faculty on matters related to Honours and Awards. It meets several times each year to discuss ongoing and upcoming awards opportunities and overall policies and is comprised of faculty members chosen for their expertise in mentorship and leadership. The Committee is meant to enhance the existing nomination process for faculty rather than replace it, and operates in conjunction with departmental committees and the University Prizes and Awards Committee (UPAC).

In general, the Honours and Awards Committee does not veto nominations and faculty members are free to nominate at their own discretion. An exception occurs when there are restrictions included in the prize guidelines regarding the number of nominations allowed per institution or faculty.

While it is not necessary to involve the Committee with every nomination, it is useful to make the Committee aware of nominations or even the intention to nominate within the Faculty, particularly with regards to high-profile awards, as our office can often provide guidance and support. A list of awards the Committee regularly works with can be found here.


It should be noted that, with some exceptions, the recognition opportunities considered by the Honours and Awards Committee exclude:

  • Investigator awards or career awards tied to grant submissions
  • Fellowships that provide emancipation from university responsibilities
  • Education or leadership awards
  • Self-nominations
  • Awards for students or postdoctoral fellows
  • The selection of endowed chairs
  • Administrative/support staff-specific awards


Committee Members, 2021–2022

Abraham Fuks, Chair

Sylvain Baillet
Philip E. Branton
Alyson Fournier
James Martin
Roderick McInnes
Barry Posner
Rima Rozen
Ernesto Schiffrin
Erwin Schurr
Alvin Shrier
Jacquetta Trasler
Michel Tremblay

Crystal Leger, Secretary
Meredith Chapman, Observer, University Prizes and Awards (UPAC)


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