Program Components

This program consists of the following components:

  • A Faculty Honour List for Educational Excellence;
  • A Faculty Honour List Symposium.

Faculty Honour List for Educational Excellence

Faculty members who have made a significant and noteworthy contribution to health sciences education will be eligible for nomination to the Faculty Honour List. The goal of this program is to recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves in the area of education, and whose contributions have had a broad and substantial impact. Achievements in the following areas will be considered:

  • Teaching;
    ⇒ Outstanding teaching on a sustained basis
  • Educational Leadership and Innovation;
    ⇒ Demonstration of leadership and innovation in health professions/sciences education
    ⇒ At least 3 years as a leader of an educational program/innovation
  • Faculty Development;
    ⇒ Commitment to capacity-building (e.g. outreach and support for colleagues such as in faculty development activities, mentorship and peer coaching; self-improvement activities)
    ⇒ Significant involvement in faculty development activities at a faculty or departmental level
  • Research and Scholarly Activity in Health Professions' Education;
    ⇒ Demonstration of a scholarly approach to teaching and education
    ⇒ Research in the area of health professions/sciences education
    ⇒ Grants received for health professions/sciences education

Faculty Honour List Symposium

All individuals on the Faculty Honour List will be invited to attend an annual symposium, which is held in June of each year. This symposium will include presentations by a number of the honorees, who will be asked to discuss their areas of interest, leadership, or innovation in education. All individuals will be honoured at a reception following the symposium.

Nomination Process

PDF icon Flyer - Faculty Honour List 2024-2025


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