Programs for New Faculty

The programs and activities offered by the Faculty Development Office aim to assist faculty members in their roles as teachers, researchers and administrators. Whether you are a research scientist and/or a clinician, teaching will most certainly be an important component of your academic career.  To that end, we have developed a program for new teachers within their first three years of teaching in McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

The program has been designed with distinct learning tracks for research scientists and for teachers in the clinical setting, with some common sessions for both. Whether supervising graduate students in the lab or supervising residents in a clinical setting, whether teaching a large group in the classroom or teaching on bedside rounds, this program will provide you with important educational tools as you embark on your journey as a teacher at McGill.  The program consists of a two-day introductory workshop followed by several “booster sessions” over the subsequent two years. The booster sessions are an opportunity to revisit some of the teaching principles and themes with like-minded colleagues and to discuss and problem-solve common challenges in teaching.

Orientation Workshop

Your Teaching Journey at McGill

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