Your Teaching Journey at McGill

The Faculty Development Office is pleased to announce our blended-learning series: Your Teaching Journey at McGill.

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Each module combines an asynchronous online session with a synchronous interactive session, and the series covers various topics aimed at supporting new, and even more experienced, faculty members within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in their roles as teachers and educators. These modules are relevant to all health professions in the Faculty, and to clinical, classroom and lab-based teachers.

Participants who complete a minimum of five of seven modules (including modules 3 and 4) over the next 24 months will be eligible for a Level 1—Faculty Development Certificate.  Participants are asked to identify their teaching setting as either Clinical or Classroom/Lab. Every module is applicable no matter the primary teaching setting and that this information is more to stream the small group discussions.

This series has been accredited by the Office for Continuing Professional Development for a maximum of 21 Section I / Mainpro-+ credits.  Each module consists of 3 credits, 1 hour for the online component and 2 hours for the small group component.  In order to be eligible for the Level 1- Faculty Development Certificate both the online and small group components must be completed.

Fall 2023

Module 1: The Art and Science of Teaching

Online component in MyCourses available from September 1, 2023
In-Person small group component - September 28, 2023 from 9h-11h
McIntyre Medical Sciences Building, Room 210/211

Module 2: The Teacher-Learner Relationship
Online component in MyCourses available from January 1, 2024
In-Person small group component - January 24, 2024 from 9h-11h

Module 3: The Learning Environment, and a) Patient Safety or b) Graduate Supervision
Online component in MyCourses available from April 23, 2024
In-Person small group component - May 14, 2024 from 9h-11h

Module 4: Feedback

Module 5: Learner in Difficulty

Module 6: Assessment (Clinical & Classroom)

Module 7: Interactive Teaching





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