Goodman Cancer Institute Building


Phone and Network Request Form

  • Telephone support for relocation/renovation projects within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Equipment Removal Request Form

  • For McGill units who wish to remove any equipment from Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Buildings.

Fundraising Request Form

  • For FMHS students who wish to book the 5th floor lobby space for fundraising events.

Poster Board Request Form

  • Poster boards (up to 22) can be loaned to McGill units for use at the McIntyre Medical Building.
    • Note that [at] (subject: Poster%20Board%20Request%20McIntyre%20Building) (Special Events) must be contacted to move the boards.

Room Booking Request Form

  • For booking room 100 at Lady Meredith House or open space 411 at the McIntyre Building.
  • Changes
    • To book room 101 at Rabinovitch House, please email the heather.macdougall [at] (subject: Room%20Booking%20Rabinovitch-101) (Coordinator) or her colleagues.
    • To book room 3001 at the Genome Building, please email the tania.schramek [at] (subject: Booking%20Request%20for%20Genome-3001) (Research Administrator.)

Outdoor Events | Campus Public Safety - McGill University

  • For planning an outdoor event on McGill property.

Portable Freezer Request Form

  • Shared resource for researchers, the freezer is normally found in the McIntyre Medical Building but can be relocated within the FMHS buildings of the Life Sciences Complex.
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