Goodman Cancer Institute Building


 Equipment Removal Request Form
  • For McGill units who wish to remove any equipment from Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Buildings.
  • For FMHS students who wish to book the 5th floor lobby space for fundraising events.
    • Send us an [at] (subject: Table%2FFundraising%20Request) (email) stating your organization, name and contact information. 
    • Add a description of the event with the date and time period you wish to reserve.
    • If the event is approved, you can borrow the table and 2 chairs earmarked for this activity.
    • Set up in front of the elevators on the 5th floor of the McIntyre Building, between the two bathroom doors.
    • A "bake sale" is for dry goods (to avoid spillage).
    • Clean up when you are done; return the table and chairs to their resting space.
Outdoor Events | Campus Public Safety - McGill University
  • For planning an outdoor event on McGill property.
Phone and Network Request Form
  • Telephone support for relocation/renovation projects within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.
Portable Freezer Request Form
  • Shared resource for researchers, the freezer is normally found in the McIntyre Medical Building but can be relocated within the FMHS buildings of the Life Sciences Complex.
Poster Board Request Form
  • Poster boards (up to 22) can be loaned to McGill units for use at the McIntyre Medical Building (free of charge).
    • Note that [at] (subject: Poster%20Board%20Request%20McIntyre%20Building) (Special Events) must be contacted to move the boards (billable service).
Room Booking Request Form
  • For booking room 100 at Lady Meredith House or open space 411 at the McIntyre Building.
  • Note these changes
    • To book room 101 at Rabinovitch House, please email the heather.macdougall [at] (subject: Room%20Booking%20Rabinovitch-101) (Coordinator) or her colleagues.
    • To book room 3001 at the Genome Building, please email the tania.schramek [at] (subject: Booking%20Request%20for%20Genome-3001) (Research Administrator.)
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