Bellini Building

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genevieve.cote [at] (Geneviève Côté)
Director, Buildings and Infrastructure
Tel: (514) 265-5795

carmen.lampron [at] (Carmen Lampron)
Associate Director, Research Infrastructure and Operations
Tel: (514) 918-5947

shawn.casey [at] (Shawn Casey)
Building and Research Infrastructure Officer
Tel: (514) 250-0344

naomi.allsopp [at] (Naomi Allsopp)
Operations and Academic Infrastructures Project Manager
Tel: (438) 865-9157

claire.turbide [at] (Claire Turbide)
Building Projects Coordinator
Tel: (514) 475-1024

maria.drossos [at] (Maria Drossos)
Tel: (514) 554-8312


Other Useful McGill Contacts

Emergency Situations

  • For floods, accidents, thefts, suspicious/unauthorized persons
  • Call Campus Security at 398-3000
    (Campus Public Safety)
  • You may be also asked to call 911

Building Issues 

  • For building-related concerns and maintenance needs
  • Contact Facilities at fcc.fod [at] and copy (cc:) [at] (To ensure we follow up on remedial work with facility management)
  • Off hours: contact McGill Security at (514) 398-3731

Please have the following information ready:

  1. Building name (or street address)
  2. Floor and room number
  3. Description of problem
  4. Your McGill ID number (if calling)

AV/IT Issues in Teaching Spaces

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