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The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) Buildings and Infrastructure Management Office (BIMO) leads the oversight of the FMHS space needs, current and future, addressing and managing optimal space allocation, in conjunction with McGill’s Facility Management and Ancillary Services (FMAS) and Campus Planning and Development (CPD) teams, the university’s space allocation policy, and by working closely with the FMHS Space Committee.

BIMO is responsible for ensuring that the FMHS space needs are planned and integrated to support current and evolving research, teaching and administration needs of the faculty and staff in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS). As part of McGill's mission and continued commitment to excellence in education and research, BIMO works to ensure the proper application of University policies concerning building management, safety and security within all FMHS buildings and to develop and apply policies and procedures for effective and appropriate space management and access controls.

BIMO collaborates with building occupants as well as with McGill’s many internal and external stakeholders, to provide oversight on construction, renovation, interventions and relocations with the aim to maximize operational and resources efficiency while mitigating and minimizing impacts on the building occupants and ensuring the sustained delivery of the FMHS core activities.

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