Career Planning Advice

Med 2 Calendar and Milestones

August - December
  • Take (or re-take) your Careers in Medicine Self-assessments
  • Continue to keep an open mind about specialties
  • Attend Career Panel Sessions in Block I and J
  • Continue  (or start) broadening your career horizons by joining Interest groups and/or shadowing in specialties of interest
  • Continue (or start) reading on specialties and career paths
December - February
  • Begin thinking about whether you want to write the USMLE Step 1 and if yes, schedule a date for Summer
  • Begin TCP

  • Attend the Electives Information Session given by the Career Advisor (date tba in advance every year)
  • consider your choice of Med 3 and Med 4 clerkship streams
March - July
  • Receive your assigned Med 3 and Med 4 clerkship streams
  • If you have a very early Med 3 elective, begin applying for it in April or May if possible
  • Look over McGill's Electives information
  • If considering non-McGill electives, take some time to look over the AFMC Student Portal, especially regarding the Policies and Information section of any university you are interested in doing electives at. Also review their school-specific immunization requirements
  • Write USMLE Step 1, if taking
  • Consider your other summer plans. A vacation is a great idea!


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