Career Planning Advice

Suggested Goals for Med 2

Explore specialties

  • Consider Shadowing in med2 (however - during COVID-19 shadowing is prohibited)
  • Join Specialty Interest Groups, and attend meetings (good for both information as well as potentially networking)
  • Reading: see our list of essential reading here
  • talking to people in your fields of interest, conduct Informational Interviews
  • Aim to shadow or talk to physicians in at least 2 fields new to you this year.

Summer plans

Begin thinking about electives

  • Visit the McGill Electives site, and look at the offerings and the requirements for electives in McGill

  • For non-Mcgill electives, take a preliminary look through the AFMC Portal; you can also create an account, and begin to build a wish list of electives you might like to do one day

  • Take a first look at elective application requirements: see the above links for what you'll need to submit to each school of interest, as their requirements may differ substantially

  • If you do the above steps, also mark your calendars with milestone dates to take care of elective paperwork in "X weeks" in advance of application deadlines.

Meet the Career Advisor (optionally)

  • If we haven't met in med1, please try to find some time this year to check in with the WELL Office Career Advisor. 
  • Even if we have met in med1, feel free to take another meeting as needed.

Try new things


  • McGill CaPS has some wise words about this topic. Although some of the information may be less pertinent to medical students, points 1 and 2 are highly relevant.
  • Also see the Careers in Medicine article on Networking
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