Career Planning Advice

What to do with my MDCM Studies?

By consulting the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) descriptions of specialties of medicine in Canada, you may discover lesser-known options and compare the practice patterns of physicians in Canada. Profiles aggregate a wealth of information including workload, compensation, and satisfaction ratings, as well as training considerations and physician workforce statistics such as supply and career-influencing demographics. 

 In addition, are associated with some references to popular podcasts:  

Finally, consider getting involved with professional organizations without putting your success and the achievement of your study goals at risk. Contributions promote the establishment of links with other members committed to organizations and are very often opportunities for profitable achievements. By consulting the sites of territorial professional organizations, you could discover training, research, publications, and volunteering activities and even take advantage of resources, prizes and scholarships aimed at supporting the next medical generation. 

If you are a medical student at McGill University and would like to discuss your planning, do not hesitate to make an appointment with the career Advisors at the WELL Office. 

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