Career Planning Advice

Profile of Physicians in Canada

  • Canadian Institute for Health Information: A profile of physicians in Canada, 2020 [Infographic]. 

  • AFMC - Future MD Canada: A comprehensive AFMC tool that offers a question-and-answer section, a glossary and a cross-reference feature to help you find factual answers to all your questions. It covers admissions, costs and funding, international medical graduates, compensation, residency and practice. 

  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada: An information portal that provides training requirements and objectives, certification processes, and other information for each discipline. Information is categorized by specialty, subspecialty, special programs and areas of focus (diploma). 

  • Health Policy and the Health System aim to improve, advocate and establish a source of data such as the Practitioner Survey that influences the education and training of current and future physicians in Canada. 

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