Career Planning Advice

Alternative Careers

You may be interested in learning about career options outside clinical medicine; in which you can make use of your medical training in a non-clinical environment, outside the realm of patient care. If so, these resources may prove informative:

General: Careers in Medicine
  • Careers in Medicine has an excellent resource base for students interested in reading up on alternative careers:  just look under "Shape your Career" and click on "Alternative Careers.
General Article: "Pursuing non-clinical careers"
General Book chapter
  • the Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Medical Specialty – 3rd ed, Chapter 12
Public Health

Writing / Communications / Journalism

  • see article "A New Direction: Physicians Exercise Their Entrepreneurial Skills, Creativity to Pursue Passions Beyond Clinical Medicine" (The Hospitalist. 2013;17(3):1,42-45.)
  • Physician entrepreneurs have their own society:

Pharmacutical Research
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