Career Planning Advice

If You Didn't Match

This is very hard, but know that you don’t have to figure out your next steps on your own. Please come to our office as soon as you feel ready, and we will help you assess your options.

  • In Canada, CaRMS runs a 2nd Iteration of the match in order to fill any positions that remained vacant after the first round. The list of unfilled positions is available to unmatched applicants on Match Day, and the application process for these positions takes place in much the same way as for the first round, just on a more condensed timeline. Interviews are usually carried out by telephone at a mutually decided time, and match results are released in April.
  • In the US, the NRMP releases a list of unfilled positions the day after candidates find out whether or not they have been matched. This day and the one after are called the SOAP, or Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Period. Positions left unfilled after the matching algorithm has been processed are offered to eligible applicants through the Match Week Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® (SOAP®).

Some unmatched students will choose not to apply for any of the unfilled positions and would prefer to pursue alternate plans prior to trying again at the match the following year. We are happy to discuss all of your alternatives with you.



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