Conditions of Med-P Admission & Accepting the Offer of Admission

Conditions of Med-P Admission

By accepting the offer of admission to the Med-P program, you understand and agree with all of the following:

(a) that the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences reserves the right to cancel your offer to the Med-P program or cancel your registration in the Med-P program:

  1. if you do not meet the established admission requirements;*
  2. if your academic performance in any remaining course or ensemble of courses (e.g. term) is deemed significantly inferior to the level of performance viewed on the academic records used in your application;
  3. if any changes to your courses, program or application information are found which were not disclosed or previously approved; 
  4. if you are found to be in violation of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Code of Conduct;
  5. if you are not in good standing, academic or otherwise, with your institution(s);

(b) that where applicable, you are expected to complete all outstanding prerequisites for the MDCM portion of your studies during the Med-P year;

(c) that your registration during the preparatory year will be with the Faculty of Science as a U1 B.Sc. student in a Medical Preparatory Major and that your admission is monitored by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences;

(d) that your admission into the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences as a Med-1 student of undergraduate medical education -- per the M.D.,C.M. program -- is only guaranteed if all objectives of the preparatory year are met without fault;

(e) that you will be in attendance at for the Med-P Orientation session;

(f) that the names of accepted students are securely shared among the medical faculties in Québec by mutual agreement;

(g) that you are aware that the undergraduate medical curriculum changed in Fall 2013;

(h) that you are in agreement with and adhere to all other conditions and requirements of McGill University;

(i) for students admitted to Campus Outaouais:

i. that you grant your permission to McGill University and the Université du Québec en Outaouais to share information regarding your academic and student file that is necessary for the academic advisors and administrators to ensure follow-up and evaluation of your Med-P year. This information is treated in accordance with Quebec privacy legislation.

ii. the academic regulations of the university offering each course will apply. This includes, but is not limited to, the grade scale, the appeal process, and the academic integrity policy.

iii. that the GPA (combined average of all course grades) for promotion will be calculated on the McGill scale by the Medicine Admissions Office on behalf of the MDCM Admissions Qualifying Year Sub-committee. The credit weight for both institutions is the same (3 cr =3 cr). The grade scales are similar; to convert the GPA, all grades of A+ (4.3) for UQO become A (4.0) on the McGill scale.

Accepting Your Offer

To accept your offer of admission, simply log into your Minerva account and follow the instructions.  A $400 deposit is required and is applicable towards tuition.  Before accepting your offer, ensure that you have read and understood the conditions of admission and objectives of the Med-P program.

Important notice:

For students who have accepted another program at McGill and now wish to accept the offer of admission to Medicine, listed below are the steps required to have the first offer declined.  The system will not allow you to accept two programs.  You first have to decline the first program in order to accept the other.

1)      Write the Admissions office ( [at] stating that you wish to decline the first program (please list program) and wish to accept the offer of medicine.  Please do not forget your McGill ID on all email communications.

2)      Admissions office will then communicate with Service Point on your behalf to have the first program declined.

3)      Once we receive confirmation that this has been done, we will accept on your behalf and send you a confirmation email.


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