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RSVP for the Virtual McGill Multiple Mini-Interviews

You're invited! Now what? 

Congratulations! You've made it to the next stage of our selection process.

This page provides you with instructions on how to let us know if you will be attending the interviews as well as important information on what you can expect from the multiple mini-interview format. 

WHAT are the McGill Multiple Mini-Interviews (M³I)?

  • The M³I consists of a circuit of between 8 to 10 stations, which can be in any of the following formats: (a) discussion-based (with evaluator present) (b) task-oriented (with or without evaluator present) or (c) controlled scenarios or simulations (with evaluator observing from outside the room). 
  • Each station is 7 minutes long, with the first minute allotted to reading instructions and preparing yourself for the station; the remaining minutes are devoted to the actual station. 
  • Stations are designed to evaluate the various abilities and skills that form the basis of the Physicianship curriculum component, which in turn references the CanMeds roles developped by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The MMIs can at times include themes that may be of a sensitive or personal nature for some candidates. Clinical skills are not tested.
  • You will also be invited to a separate session with our Student Ambassadors, Admissions Officers and other faculty and university representatives who will provide information on the curriculum, additional requirements for those who ultimately receive offers, and life at McGill in both Montreal and Gatineau.  
  • Please note that the results of the MMIs are shared only with the Faculty of Dentistry for those who have applied to both programs. McGill MMI results are not used by other faculties of medicine.
  • Preparation for the MMIs. It is unnecessary to pay for expensive training programs. We encourage you to be confident, and be yourself! As with all interviews, you are encouraged to reflect on your skills and strengths.  Consider resources like your university or community career centre to learn more about the MMI format.  You should review the following 
  • Feedback on your individual performance in MMI stations will not be provided. 


► For 2022, the MMIs are held virtually on Zoom. The date and block of time(s) you need to reserve for your interview is found in the description field of your "Medicine Interview Session" requirement, in your application checklist in MINERVA. This field will also indicate the language of your interview session.

It is your responsibility to be available for and to attend the interview time for which you have been scheduled. No repeat interview sessions or special accommodations will be arranged. A candidate who does not attend may have his or her application cancelled. 

The virtual MMI is divided into (2) separate Zoom meetings, with a break in between. The length of each zoom interview session is up to one hour. Please consult your Minerva account and the MDIS checklist item to view the interview time(s) you need to sign in for each of your (2) interview zoom meetings. Closer to the interview date in April you will receive an email with your (2) Zoom meeting links to access your interview. The sign-in time is approximately (10) minutes before you will be let in to your meeting session; you will see the ''waiting room'' screen in Zoom and can verify that your connection is working while you wait. There is no need to click on the link earlier than this. All times are Eastern Standard Time (Montreal time).

Read the Technical Requirements and Tips document: PDF icon tech_and_tips_for_vmmi_candidates.pdf prior to the technical check-in session.

How to RSVP

► All candidates must download, complete and sign the  PDF icon mdis_submission_form_2022.pdf

 in order to confirm your attendance or decline the invitation. Upload the signed and completed form to the "Medicine Interview Session" [MDIS] documentation requirement listed in your application checklist, via your Minerva account.  

If you are declining the invitation, once you have uploaded your Medicine Interview Session confirmation form, no further action is required.

TO CONFIRM your attendance, you must complete the following two steps in addition to the uploading of the Confirmation form: 

  1. TWO PIECES OF PHOTO ID: Create a one-page good quality scan of two (2) valid and current (no more than 5 years old) pieces of photographic identification, at least one of which includes your signature. Indicate your name, McGill ID number and interview date & time at the top left of the page. Upload the PDF of your photo IDs to the "Photo Identification" [PHID] documentation requirement on your application checklist, via your Minerva account.  Refer to the "Specs for PDF Forms" sidebar on the right for information on creating your PDF. You must have the originals of the same 2 pieces of photo ID with you on your scheduled interview day.  Valid identification includes: 

    • Passport (include signature page)
    • Driver's license (Canada or US only)
    • Canadian permanent residency card
    • University or college ID card (Canada or US only)
    • ISIC card (International Student Identity Card)
    • Health care card (Canada only)
  2. NON-DISCLOSURE FORM: Download and carefully read the following form: PDF icon ndac_non-disclosure_form_for_vmmi_candidates.pdf which sets out your obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the interview process. Scan and upload a copy of your completed confidentiality form to the "Med Non-Disclosure Agreement" [NDAC] documentation requirement on your application checklist, via your Minerva account. CANDIDATES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PROCEED TO INTERVIEW WITHOUT A COMPLETED FORM.     

For applicants to JOINT PROGRAM

If you have applied to the joint MDCM & PhD program, you will receive information regarding additional interviews with representatives from the Faculty of Medicine Graduate Studies and Research Office under separate cover.

Accommodation policy

If you have a disability or a medical condition that may affect your ability to undertake the multiple mini- interviews, please refer to our policy on accommodation.  Please note that this includes colourblindness. Your request for accommodation needs to be sent to  meeko.singh-ledoux [at] mcgill.ca (Meeko Singh-Ledoux) within (3) days of receiving your invitation to initiate the process.  Documentation from a healthcare professional or university disability accommodation service will be required.

What to wear

This is an interview for admission to a professional program, so making a good first impression is key. Accordingly, we invite you to dress comfortably, but neatly.  Please take note the for the Virtual MMIs, that plain earphones/headphones or headsets are permitted. Suggested dress code for participants: a reasonable-length skirt (no mini-skirts) or full-length trousers (no jeans) combined with a top (e.g.: a dress shirt, polo shirt, or sweater set) are considered acceptable. An informal dress with appropriate skirt length is also acceptable, or a collared shirt (such as a dress shirt or polo shirt) with dress/suit pants or trousers.  Blazers or business jackets are optional.  For all, ties are not necessary; no cargo pants, jeans, or sportswear.  No hats or baseball caps.

In short, something professional yet comfortable; where you can make a positive impression.

What you will need

Please read the Technical Requirements & Tips document: PDF icon tech_and_tips_for_vmmi_candidates.pdf for all details of required computer equipment;

A cell phone can be on hand, only for use as a back-up device in case you have a technical problem. No other electronic devices are permitted.

A pen or pencil and several sheets of scrap paper. No other tools, notes or materials are permitted (virtual or other).

More information on what is and is not permitted during the interview is found in the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAC).

Urgent communications on interview day

If there are any urgent matters that need to be communicated on the day of the interviews, email: mmi1.med [at] mcgill.ca with URGENT MMI in the subject line. 

Any urgent matters that our office needs to communicate to candidates on the day of the interview will be done by email.

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