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Patient at heart, science in hand

Patient at heart, Science in hand

Patient at heart, Science in hand , launched in fall 2013, marks an important redesign milestone in the history of Canada’s first medical school. McGill’s revised undergraduate MDCM program reaffirms the Faculty’s commitment to excellence and the health needs of society by emphasizing both the hard knowledge and soft skills that make for an excellent doctor. Our populations are aging, technology has transformed our ways and tools, we are increasingly global and genomics is opening up pathways never before thought possible. To remain a step ahead, the new curriculum includes core components such as primary care, evidence-based medicine, life-long learning and inter-professionalism. Recognizing the vital role of family physicians in health care today, students spend time in a doctor’s office every month throughout their first year of studies.

The ultimate goal of Patient at heart, Science in hand is to train medical students who will expertly apply what they have learned – from the molecules of medicine to global health concerns.

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