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General Information

Akwesasne Hospital


Akwesasne is a Mohawk territory located 120 km away from Montreal on the southwestern shore of the St-Lawrence River. The geography of this territory is unique, having the U.S. border running through the territory and within the Canadian side, two provinces, Quebec and Ontario. The clinic is located in St-Regis, Quebec, serving the community of Akwesasne. In order to get to St-Regis, trainees will have to go through the US border and will need a valid Canadian passport.

Location on Google Maps (exact distance is calculated between the trainee's base unit and the site using Québec 511)


2 trainees per period

Length of Rotation

1 or 2 months


Spoken: English, French
Charting: French and English
Population spoken language: English and Mohawk

Clinical Exposure and Learning Experiences

Rotation primarily done in Clinic.

  • Trainees can be exposed to
  • Long term care
  • Home care/visits
  • Women's health
  • Minor Procedures
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Care
  • Mental Health
  • Walk-in Clinic

Other clinical exposures: Diabetes and Community Health, time with visiting specialists as pediatricians.

Other Interesting Information

The clinic provides primary healthcare services.
• 1 permanent doctor at the clinic and visiting doctors on a regular basis.


River with forests on each side.

Type of Lodging

Lodging is located in the Snye district of Akwesasne and travel to the clinic requires a 10-minute car ride.

Trainees are lodged in a shared transit and/or a private shared cabin. Each trainee has a private bedroom and shares common gender-neutral areas (bathroom, kitchen, living room).

Lodging can be available as of the evening before the rotations.

Note: It is important that everyone does their share to keep all common areas clean and safe at any time.

Accommodation Commodities

All accommodations are non-smoking environments.

Service availability
Full kitchen refrigirator, microcrave, stove, utensils, cookware
Televesion set, cable Provided
Washer and dryer Provided
Internet access Available (wireless): bring your laptop

Long distance calls forbidden.

MOBILE: U.S. roaming package is required.



Visitors Not permitted
Pets Not Allowed
Deposit for keys None


Bridge going over a body of water.

Trainees can travel to the site only by car. It is required to have a car for this rotation.

Depending on the location of their base teaching site, each trainee receives a stipend to help pay for transportation costs.

Trainees must make their own travel arrangements.

Note that a U.S. roaming package for mobile phone is required.

Travelling by Car

Akwesasne is approximately 120 km away from Montreal. To get to the clinic, take the 20 W., it becomes the 401 in Ontario. Take Exit 789/Brookdale Ave. & turn left on Brookdale Ave. Proceed down Brookdale Avenue following the signs for Akwesasne. Take the International Bridge to USA, there is a toll booth that charges $3.25.  Travel across bridge and this will place you on Cornwall Island. Continue toward the US across the second bridge where you will have to pass through the US Customs. Present your valid passport and be prepared to show letters from the clinic and McGill if requested.

Map of Akwesasne.

Once you are through US Customs, go straight at first light and at second light take a left on to Route 37 East toward Malone. Continue on towards Hogansburg, NY. You will pass through two traffic lights and past a caution light. At the third traffic light take a left onto St. Regis Road to First street. Follow First street and turn left on Hilltop Drive. Follow this street. The clinic is located at 31, Hilltop Drive.

Location of the hospital on Google Maps.

During their stay in Akwesasne, students will be given a free toll pass to use the bridge.

Important Information

At least 3 weeks prior to rural rotation/elective, email the site contact to confirm your arrival.


Site Address Coordinator Supervisor
Kanonhkwat’sheri:io Health Facility
31 Hilltop Dr.
Akwesasne, St.Regis, QC, H0M 1A0
stages_md.cisssmo16 [at] ssss.gouv.qc.ca (Coordination Team) ojistoh [at] me.com (Dr. Ojistoh Horn)
(613) 575-2341 ext. 3251
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