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Welcome to Distributed Medical Education!

Through McGill's Distributed Medical Education Program, residents and students are exposed to the practice of medicine and life outside the urban-based academic centers in Quebec.

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Rural Training Site: New Video Series

We launch a new video series to promote our rural sites. Watch our first video in val d'Or and listen to Dr. Julie Massé and her colleagues explain why this place is rich in so many ways, from the team dynamic to the outdoor scenery.

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Develop diagnostic and therapeutic skills

DME offers an enriching clinical experience carried out in an environment where access to sophisticated technological means and highly specialized resources are limited or non-existent.

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Director for DME

Dr. Dominique Archambault was appointed Director for Distributed Medical Education in November 2019. Dr. Archambault was the Medical Director of GMF-U Jardins-Roussillon in Châteauguay and has developed specific training programs on chronic disease management.

A new generation of McGill doctors trained in Gatineau

The start of the MDCM Program and the Preparatory Program in Medicine at the Outaouais Campus took place in August 2020. A historic milestone for the region, and for McGill and its partners!

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The WELL Office

In support of well-being and career choice, the team aims to support learners throughout their training by creating, promoting and maintaining a healthy culture and resilience in different learning environments.

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Rural Education Program

Welcome to DME

This website provides practical information on the Distributed Medical Education (DME) program, mainly for rural and remote training sites in Quebec. This site is intended for supervisors, coordinators, teaching-doctors and staff who take part in training, as well as trainees (clerks and residents) from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Residents and clerks may consult the various pages for detailed descriptions of training sites accredited to McGill University and additional information to help prepare for their training.

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The Distributed Medical Education Team

Rural Sites by Specialty

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Montreal Area (Non-Rural)

Allocation Table

Eligible trainees can receive stipends for transportation, lodging and living expenses during their rural rotations.

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Site Characteristics

Our accredited sites for Family Medicine offer different rotation settings, teaching activities and exposures.

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For Site Supervisors

Welcoming and integrating trainees into your team requires rigorous planning.

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