Fluid Structure 2


MD 52

Members of the lab:

Profs: M. Amabili, M.P. Païdoussis

Post-doc: Konstantinos Karagiozis

Graduate students: Stéphane Jamin, Ahmad Jamal, Mojtaba Kheiri, Mehdi Paak, Wensheng Zhao

Mission statement:

The research undertaken in this laboratory is concerned primarily with the interaction of fluid-flow around flexible structures. Experiments are typically concerned with measuring the vibration of a flexible structure when immersed in a fluid flow, trying to understand the unsteady nature of the flow around an oscillating structure, or looking at the interaction between the unsteady flow and the oscillating structure.


  • A Kempf and Remmers water tunnel with a test-section of 254mm by 254mm cross-sectional area, and a maximum velocity of 10 m/s.
  • A low-speed wind tunnel with a test-section of 0.91m by 0.61m cross-sectional area, and a maximum velocity of 30 m/s.
  • An ad hoc apparatus for testing the dynamics of pipes conveying or aspirating fluid in various configurations.
  • TSI single component hot-wire and hot-film equipment, FFT Analyzer, accelerometers, pressure transducers, etc.


  • Visualization and interpretation of fluid-flow around groups of cylinders.
  • An investigation of the quasi-steady assumption for cylinders in close proximity in a cross-flow.
  • Flow-induced vibration and non-linear dynamics of heat-exchanger arrays subject to cross-flow.
  • Instabilities of off-shore structures induced by a steady cross-flow.

Vorticity contours of wake behind two circular cylinders impulsively set into motion for different spacing between cylinders and different elapsed times obtained using the DPIV system.

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