Shockwave Physics Group

The Shock Wave Physics Group (SWPG) at McGill University is directed by Prof. J. H. S. Lee and has a long history of the study of high-speed turbulent deflagration and detonation phenomena. Current research work includes the initiation of detonation, the transition from deflagration to detonation, detonation propagation in nonideal heterogeneous condensed-phase explosives, and combustion synthesis and dust combustion in microgravity.

The laboratory facilities of the SWPG are comprised of the following individual labs with principal equipment noted:

1. High-speed photographic lab

  • Color schlieren optical setup
  • Spectra-Physics Ar-ion laser with cavity dumper (1 MHz pulse rate)
  • 2 Streak cameras (0.6 mm/µs and 2.4 mm/µs maximum writing rates)
  • Krasnoyarsk streak/framing camera (25,000 frames/s)
  • Cordin 192 high-speed framing camera (1,000,000 frames/s)
  • 2 Hycam framing cameras (5,000 frames/s)
  • LeCroy digital oscilloscope (100 MHz)
  • Xenon flash lamp
  • Short-duration spark-gap light source

2. Combustion Synthesis Lab

  • High-pressure reaction vessel
  • LeCroy digital oscilloscope (100 MHz)
  • Microgravity combustion synthesis apparatus

3. Shock Tube Lab

  • PC-based data acquistion system
  • Various shock and detonation tubes
  • 1-m dia combustion vessel
  • LeCroy digital oscilloscope (100 MHz)

4. Dust Combustion Lab

  • PC-based data acquisition system
  • 2 combustion chambers
  • dust-burner apparatus
  • microgravity dust-flame apparatus
  • vertical shock/detonation tube
  • LeCroy digital oscilloscopes (100 MHz)

5. Molten Metal-Water Interaction Lab

  • "water-cannon" apparatus
  • Scandia flash X-ray system
  • Cordin Dynafax framing camera (35,000 frames/s)

6. SWPG Computer Room

  • 4 Macs and 1 PC connected with a server
  • HP workstation
  • scanner, digital video system

7. Combustion Chamber Lab (under construction)

  • medium scale blast chamber
  • LeCroy oscilloscope (100 MHz)
  • High-frequency Tocco levitation induction furnace
  • Low-frequency Tocco induction furnace
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