Policies Relating to Time

Full-Time and Additional Sessions

During the first period of each program, a student is considered to have full-time status. During these terms, the student pays higher tuition fees than in the terms that follow (i.e., additional sessions).

All our MEng programs have three full-time terms. For a student entering in the fall, this would typically be the fall term, winter term and following fall term. Usually, students are considered to be in "continuing status" during the summer term. However, if they choose (and pay the corresponding fees), they can make the summer term a full-time term.

Our PhD program has four years of full-time status starting in PhD1. Because almost all PhD students are admitted at PhD2, the usual period of full-time status is therefore three years.

All terms after the full-time status period and before the program requirements are fulfilled are known as "additional sessions." During these terms, tuition fees are lower.

Time Limitation

Each program has associated with it a maximum number of terms within which the program requirements must be completed.

All our MEng programs must be completed within three years of initial registration, assuming full-time status. If a student is registered as half time, each pair of terms counts as one full-time term. For students who have registered strictly on a part- or half-time basis throughout their program, the degree must be completed within five years of initial registration.

The PhD program must be completed within four years of finishing the residency requirement (i.e., by the end of PhD7). Note that most PhD students are admitted in PhD2; thus, the maximum duration of a PhD program is normally six years.

If a student has not fulfilled the program requirements within the timeframes described above, they reach the "time limitation." When this occurs, further registration is not permitted. Students who complete their thesis within one year of reaching the time limitation can make a written request to the Graduate Program Director for reinstatement in order to submit the thesis. Students who take more than one year to complete the thesis should withdraw and reapply when ready for thesis submission.

Part- and Half-Time Status

In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the only programs that can be pursued part time are the MEng (Non-Thesis) and the MEng (Aero) programs. Additional conditions include the student being in a residency term and a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

All thesis programs are intended to be pursued full time. In special circumstances during the residency period, a student may request a transfer to half-time status.

In additional sessions, all programs are implicitly full-time.

Leave of Absence

A student may request a leave of absence for health, maternity or parenting reasons. In special circumstances, a leave may be granted when a close family member is ill. A medical certificate must accompany a request for a leave. Leaves may be granted by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for a maximum of 52 weeks.

During a medical leave, the student may not take courses nor expect guidance on their research. During a maternity or parental leave, the student may not take courses.

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